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45 VOGALONGA – 9 June 2019

Also this year one of the most fascinating races in Venice is back, an event which has become a great classic of the lagoon and which attracts every year rowers from all over the world for a day of traditions and respect for the environment. This charming event dates back to 1974 when, after a fun Mascarete regatta between friends, a non-competitive regatta was launched.

The regatta, involving rowing boats of all kinds and crossing the most picturesque places in the Venetian lagoon, starts in Saint Mark’s basin and it is about 30 km long.

Born with the intention of spreading the knowledge and respect of nature and culture of Venice, re-evaluating the use of rowing boats in a lagoon now invaded by motor boats, the Vogalonga wants to be a sort of peaceful ‘battle’, an ‘ecological’ event against the wave motion and the consequent degradation of the city.

Since its first edition, the Vogalonga has taken the charm of an event of the past: a cannon shot is followed by the sound of the oars on the calm waters of the St. Mark’s Basin, a silent parade that awakens Venice with an unprecedented show.

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