Apartment in Venice – Residence Ca'Foscolo

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The Palio of the Ancient Maritime Republics is the living and vibrant sign of the bond that exist between Amalfi, Genoa, Pisa and Venezia and their primary element: water, which is still a source of life and present-day wealth. The Regatta is a time when strength and the competitive spirit fuel the ancient pride that turns these men, these rowers , into the representatives of a whole world. It is their, as well as our own, identity that is symbolically represented in this competition and each crew brings to it its history and traditions. This is an authentic, spectacular, hardfought race, requiring year-long commitment and training, and not just the re-enactment of a medieval tournament or the celebration of a magnificent yet distant past. The Palio is also an event that unites the four republics, despite their great and enduring rivalries. Amalfi, Genoa, Pisa and Venice share a kindred spirit and proud history and on this occasion they put forth their best effort. Every year they meet to celebrate their heritage on the water, the great and passionate sharing of values that this tradition carries with it and that grows stronger with each passing year. It is essential for Venice to preserve and renew her own traditions. The Serenissima rises out of and is steeped in her element, she has built her history and character on it, and every Venetian, even those who live on the mainland , shares a part of this “genetic blueprint”. There are numerous historical festivals, re-enactments and celebrations and all are lived with great passion and participation. They are all part of our heritage, a great and priceless treasure that we all have a duty to preserve in order to remember where we come from and look to the future with hope and confidence.

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